Ottawa Car Maintenance – Christmas Special!

Ottawa Car MaintenanceAt Gary’s, we’ve already covered Ottawa car maintenance advice on the sounds and symptoms your car can make. While some maintenance is best left to the pros, there is some that can be done at home. What better time of year to outfit the budding gear head in your home than the season of shopping frantically at the last minute generous giving. Here you’ll find some great tips and advice for budget friendly items they wouldn’t mind unwrapping this year!



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Ottawa Vehicle Repairs – When Is It Time?

Ottawa Vehicle Repairs MechanicYour Source For Ottawa Vehicle Repairs

A few weeks ago, we told you what could be triggering your check engine light. However, there are numerous other issues that can arise with owning a vehicle. Some, if not most, of these other issues don’t come with a light to indicate a problem. You already know that Gary’s is the top choice for Ottawa vehicle repairs, and with this handy guide you’ll know exactly whats wrong with your car, and when to get service!


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Ottawa Gas Prices – Why Are They So Low?

Ottawa Gas PricesSomething strange has been happening at GM car lots across the North America. Something we all thought we would never see again. It defies all logic, we know its wrong but yet here it is, happening across North America…

People are requesting, and even buying, Hummers.

Gas prices in Ottawa recently dropped below $1/L, prompting anyone looking at a new vehicle to no longer second guess a large SUV or truck. Why have Ottawa gas prices dropped so low? Here we’ll take a simple look at the two major factors that have gone in to lower prices at the pump, and why maybe you should put off buying that Hummer.

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