Trunk Or Treat

In a little over a week we’ll be getting ready to celebrate halloween, the time of year when kids (and adults when the kids aren’t home) put on costumes and binge eat tiny chocolate bars. While I haven’t seen much of this celebration style here, this is a trend that is popping up in the states. If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate halloween this year, why not have a trunk or treat?

The concept is simple, rather than have people go out in a crowded neighbourhood, families will agree on a location, decorate their vehicles and trunks, then allow their young ones to go trunk to trunk receiving candy.  This means that there’s less distance to travel, and it also makes it easier to watch out for your kids. These kind of events normally take place in parking lots, and offer a great way to celebrate halloween safely. If you think the fun is lost due to the lack of door to door trick or treating, wait until you see some of the outrageous designs people have come up with.

Trunk Or Treat Batman And Robin Decor


There’s really no limit to what you can do with your trunk. Any sort of decor will work, from science fiction to real world characters.

Lotus halloween Trunk

Even luxury cars can get in on the action, just be sure to avoid getting any chocolate on your engine.

Mcdonalds car

The designs don’t have to be fiction either. You can recreate whatever sort of setting you’d like when decorating your trunk, even decorating the entire back section of your carCar decorationsAs you can see, there’s really no limit on how to decorate your car for a trunk or treat event. Unlike decorating your home, putting together a complete trunk or treat car would take less time and resources, and if done right everything just folds up into the trunk for easy storage. The idea of trunk or treat is great for families looking to have a safe, easy to coordinate halloween.

Do you plan on decorating your vehicle for halloween? Let us know what kind of design or theme you’re going with!


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