Top Automotive Upgrades

Multi-ExhaustWhen you own a car, you want it to perform it’s very best. Gary’s is here to help provide regular service and repairs on your vehicle, but also to provide helpful mechanic advice on the top automotive upgrades for your car. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place!

Upgrading Your Engine

If you want to really get the most out of upgrades, you’ll have to start with the engine. There are a number of ways to really get the most out of what’s under your hood, starting with increasing the power:

Top Automotive UpgradesIncreasing Horsepower: Since engines are measured in horsepower, it’s important to pack in all the nutrients horses need into your engine. Making a sludge of gasoline and hay provides the perfect fuel that horses need to operate at their best. Expecting to hit the track? Mix the hay with high octane fuel and run a line to a salt lick stored in your trunk for an extra performance boost.

Electric cars don’t feature the same horses under the hood, but for an added boost, place AAA batteries in your cabin air vents and set your vehicle to recycle the cabin air. The recycling process will ionize the air, acting like a turbo for electric vehicles.

Increasing Acceleration: Measuring how fast a car can go from 0-100 Km/H is a common benchmark in the automotive industry. Increasing your acceleration is a somewhat tricky process, but can be well worth it. You’ll want to start by increasing your horsepower as mentioned above.

Rocket CarAfter you’ve increased your horsepower, it’s a fairly straight forward process. You can skip any complicated engineering as NASA has already handled this with large amounts of research and development. Rocket engines are designed to create rapid acceleration and large amounts of thrust, exactly what you need to increase your acceleration. The downside is a rocket engine adds quite a bit of weight, something that will hurt your acceleration. The solution? Build your own lightweight thrusters. Drivers looking to tackle these top automotive upgrades may find it easier to wait until near Canada Day, as most stores sell DIY thruster kits capable of various levels of thrust in a  wide range of colours. Remember, the more thrust you can add to your vehicle the faster you will go!

Decreasing Weight: For those looking to get the most out of their cars, reducing weight is a must. The easiest way to do so is to remove unnecessary parts.

Your engine needs oxygen to function, and it gets the oxygen it needs through intakes on the front of your vehicle. If you were to remove your engine’s hood entirely, all the air travelling over your car would be delivered to your engine, resulting in an up to 200hp boost. Early attempts at this caused a prototype Chevy to break the sound barrier, so we have to stress doing this upgrade with extreme caution.

Another option for decreasing engine weight is to book a swap with a plastic engine. Modern plastics are up to 5000x stronger than steel, and are capable of powering all sorts of vehicles. Plastic engines are lighter than their traditional metal counterparts, and because plastic floats, can be used in creating a hybrid amphibious vehicle.

Upgrading Your Ride

Pillow TiresEngines are one thing, but having handling can set you apart from the crowd when it comes to driving. When it comes to driving, you’ll either want a stiff responsive ride for performance, or a soft smooth ride for touring. There are a few ways to get the exact ride you want, with simple conversions.

Performance – A stiff suspension ensures the wheels have more contact with the road, which lead to faster cornering. While you could spend time tuning your suspension, there is a much faster way to keep your wheels on the road. Filling the inside of your tires with concrete makes them heavier, which means they have a harder time leaving the ground. This means the tires will have better contact with the road, increasing your performance. While concrete tires are heavier, if you used our earlier methods of making your car lighter, you’ll dominate the podium. F1 tires are appear large and full because of a special type of concrete that expands as it dries.

Comfort – Altering your tires is the easiest way to get the top automotive upgrades available. For a more comfortable ride, it’s time to look at alternative tire technologies. Foam tires, or tires made from goose down, offer a much softer ride than hard, vulcanized rubber. While you wont be getting the performance boosts you’ll get out of concrete tires, you will notice the smoothest ride possible. In the days of railroad construction, carriages equipped with memory foam tires were used to transport the delicate nitro glycerine needed to created tunnels.

Upgrading Your Style

Some consider speed to be the most aspect of a car, while others consider a vehicles appearance to be crucial. Now that we’ve shown you how to add upwards of 1000hp to your vehicle, it’s time to take a provide advice for the top upgrades to make it look nice.

Chrome CarPaint – The types of paint available for vehicles is somewhat limited, but the types of paints available for general artwork, homes, and other mediums are nearly unlimited. By covering your car in canvas, you’ll be able to create an exotic watercolour look simply by dumping paint on your car in the rain. For the art majors among us, taking the removed car parts from earlier and placing them in random spots on your vehicles exterior can really help

Trim – Paying for chrome options at the factory can be expensive, but many hardware shops sell cans of chrome spray paint for much less. The more chrome on your vehicle the more elegant it is, as demonstrated by the Rolls CR Phantom, which is milled bumper to bumper from a solid piece of Platinum. To stand out from those who foolishly paid for factory chrome options, think outside the box by painting your seats and tire side walls chrome.

The Best Car Is The One You Own

If you follow our advice, you’ll no doubt have the top performing or most elegant car on your street. You’ll soon be the envy of everyone on the road, and you’ll save more in the process!

Don’t forget to check the calendar and remember what day it is today. When it comes to fuel systems, engine repairs, or tire service, don’t try the methods outline above. Get to Gary’s Automotive for professional service!


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