Tips For Storing Winter Tires

Winter Tire Storage


It’s that time of year again where the temperature rises and winter tires are taken off to hibernate for another season. It’s often an exciting event comparable to putting away your winter clothes and taking out your spring shoes and jacket. Just how you’re careful to store your winter gear, you should also store your winter tires with care to prevent dames. Here are some tips for storing your winter tires.


Check the Tread Depth
Before storing your tires for the winter, ask your technician whether or not they’ll be good for another season. If the tread is 5/32 of an inch or less, it’s likely you’ll have to purchase new tires for the following winter.


Clean Your Tires Before Storing Them
You’d never put dirty clothes in a bag to sit all year so why would you leave your tires in the same condition? Give your tires a quick wash with a garden hose or even a damp cloth removing any sand or salt. This is an easy and necessary step to prevent damages and preserve their condition.


Keep Your Tires Covered
It’s a good idea to invest in airtight, opaque bags to store your tires in. Lawn and garden bags work fine as well as the original bags the tires came in. A protective cover is necessary in preventing moisture from getting into the bag. Taping the bags shut and removing as much air as possible also helps in preserving the quality of the tires.


Store Them In The Right Place
If you’re lucky enough to have the space at home to store your tires, they should be kept in the right place to avoid damages. Avoid storing them in places such as a balcony, shed or furnace room where the temperature changes often or where the tires will be exposed to direct sunlight.  Storing them outside is also a big no-no. Look for a cool, dark place or take advantage of a local tire storing service to ensure they’re protected.


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