The Glory That Is IIHS Crash Videos

Car accidents are bad. They are also beautiful. While we all take precautions and steps to ensure we never get into an accident, there is a certain morbid curiosity that comes with car accidents. Not with seeing people be injured, but in seeing the engineering and science that goes into making a 2500 pound chunk of steel survive slamming into a wall at 60 km/h.

Thankfully, we don’t have to subject our own vehicles to this testing. The IIHS, or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, regularly uploads new videos to their youtube channel. These videos show many types of modern vehicles being subjected to various crashes and accidents. If you haven’t already checked out these videos, we highly recommend them. The use of crash test dummies, multiple camera angles, and HD slow motion video makes for some really interesting content. We’ve gathered some of our favourite IIHS crash videos here!

Lets start with a video I’m sure you’re dying to see. The Smart ForTwo (often referred to as the smartcar) is one of the smallest cars on the market today. The general consensus is that should one be in an accident, well, it was nice knowing you. Is that the case though? Find out!

As you can see, the little two seater doesn’t fare so bad. A lot of the videos from the IIHS have that outcome. Small vehicles you’d expect to become recycling do fine, while big cars turn into soupcans. The the Chrysler 300. This luxury sedan seems like it would be quite capable in an accident, but as you’re about to see, it takes quite a beating. The dummy inside appears to be ok, but with more car comes a more spectacular crash.

It makes sense really. A larger car with more mass (and physically more material to work with) will have a more spectacular crash in an accident. The next time someone makes a tired joke about a smart car in an accident, you’ll know better. IIHS does more than just crash cars front corners, they do some truly terrifying things as well.

Those hanging bumpers on the backs of big rigs? DEATH TRAPS I TELL YA! ROLLING GUILLOTINES! This type of data is very important. This lets automotive engineers know that the current system for preventing rear accident to big rigs needs to be standardized. In addition to incredible tests, the IIHS also takes time to explain how they do what they do.

A lot of work goes into smashing cars. At the end of the day, a lot of incredibly valuable data is gained from controlling these accidents in a safe environment. It doesn’t hurt that it makes for some incredible viewing either.


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