Spooky Car Noises

When you’re driving your car and you hear an unfamiliar sound, it can get scary. Unfamiliar car noises can mean big, expensive repairs. Don’t let your car scare you, Gary’s is here with helpful tricks and treats for getting to the bottom of what could be haunting your car! If you notice any of the following ghouls taking up residence in your car, then it might be time to book service with the experts!

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Trunk Or Treat

Trunk Or Treat Featured Image Logo

In a little over a week we’ll be getting ready to celebrate halloween, the time of year when kids (and adults when the kids aren’t home) put on costumes and binge eat tiny chocolate bars. While I haven’t seen much of this celebration style here, this is a trend that is popping up in the states. If you’re looking for a different way to celebrate halloween this year, why not have a trunk or treat?

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