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Spring Car Maintenance

The brunt of winter is over and the calendar officially tells us it’s spring. The winter coats and snow pants are being tucked away and light jackets and rain boots are coming out to play. While you and your family are getting ready for spring it’s the perfect time to schedule your car for a seasonal maintenance check-up. Not sure where to start? Here are some frequently asked questions about spring car maintenance and where to start.


When should I take off my winter tires?

Living in Ottawa the weather can be quite unpredictable during this time of year. In the past it’s been 15 º C and sunny, other times we’ve been buried under a pile of snow. The simple answer to when you should change your tires for the spring season is when the temperature stays above 7 º C. Winter tires are made of a special kind of rubber that’s designed to perform in cold temperatures. Once it warms up, the rubber can start to wear down and cause damage to your tires. When the weather is warm enough, make the switch from winter tires to your all-season or summer tires for the best performance.


How often should I change my windshield wiper blades?

The winter can be tough on everyone, including your car. Every part is affected by the cold from the inside and out. Your wiper blades are no exception. Changing temperatures cause the wiper blades to expand and shrink over time which can cause cracks and overall wear. Not to mention the extra use from clearing your windshield from salt, snow and ice. Your blades should be changed when you see signs of wear or poor performance. There’s no harm in switching your blades more often to ensure you can maintain good vision all year round.


When should the fluids in my car be topped up?

The fluids in your car are essential to keeping it running and in good health. After the cold, harsh winter, spring is the perfect time to inspect all fluids and get them topped up.  If you’re not familiar how to do so, your local Gary’s Automotive garage can make sure everything is in tune such as your engine oil, transmission fluid, coolant, brake fluid, and power steering fluid. Another important thing to do is inspect your vehicle for any fluid leaks. It’s normal for condensation to occur under your vehicle due to melting snow and ice, but if you notice something that looks off, schedule your car for a maintenance check-up right away.


How often should I wash my car?

To avoid dirty car graffiti like the phrase “Wash Me” being finger-painted onto your vehicle, a car wash is always a good idea, especially at the beginning of spring. Not only has salt and other corrosive dirt been housing in the nooks and crannies of your vehicle, spring is all about new beginnings and starting fresh. Treat your car to a premium car wash that will clean everywhere from top to bottom and eliminate any winter dirt from hitching a ride into the new season.


Should I clean the inside of my car too?

When the weather gets cold, we tend to use our vehicles for storing extra junk and garbage. There’s no better time to clean your car than spring. Not only should you clear out empty coffee cups and lunch containers, a thorough vacuum and wipe-down is probably needed after salt and sand accumulation. If you have plastic floor mats to swap out it’s also a good time to do so. Grab yourself a new air freshener while you’re at it or create your own here.


When is it acceptable to drive with the top down?

All you need is a pair of shades and above zero temperatures and you’re on your way to being ready for the top down in your spring-ready ride. Embrace it!


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