Spooky Car Noises

When you’re driving your car and you hear an unfamiliar sound, it can get scary. Unfamiliar car noises can mean big, expensive repairs. Don’t let your car scare you, Gary’s is here with helpful tricks and treats for getting to the bottom of what could be haunting your car! If you notice any of the following ghouls taking up residence in your car, then it might be time to book service with the experts!

Car HalloweenSnakes Taking Over Your Engine: The hissing and rattling of a den of snakes should not be coming from under the hood of your car. If your ride is spooked by the slithering and hissing sound of snakes, you could have a problem with a leak. Depending on the system, this leak can affect things like fuel economy and performance, right down to drive-ability and safety. Be sure to get those snakes removed as soon as possible!

Ghosts Clunking Chains: When ghosts have decided to haunt your vehicle and clank their chains, you know you’re in for trouble. The otherworldly clanking under your vehicle can be the sign of worn out ball joints, control arms, or tie rods. If your ghosts are more active on corners, then it may also be an issue with steering components. When your ride is haunted with clunks and bumps, who ya gonna call?

Shriek Of A Banshee: The howling lament of the mighty banshee can be enough to stop even the bravest in their tracks. When your engine becomes posses by the spirit, it can be a sign of faulty serpentine belts or belt tensioners. Given how incredibly important your vehicle’s belt systems are, we can’t recommend getting those banshees out of your engine as soon as possible.

Moan Of The Zombies: If you own a rear wheel drive vehicle, then you should pay extra attention for the moan of the living differential. A drone-like, steady moan means that there are problems with the differential, such as bad bearings or worn gears. Get to a certified zombie mechanic to bring your car back to the land of the living.

Spooky Car NoisesCrunch Of Bones: If you drive a vehicle with a manual transmission and hear the bones of the graveyard crunch with each shift, then its time to stop those skeletons with some transmission service. A crunching or grinding when shifting gears in a manual transmission can be the result of a worn out clutch that isn’t disengaging,  or a synchronizer that prohibits smooth gear changes. Get to a mechanic who is skilled in dealing with buckets o bones and get back on the road.

Stopping The Spook

Car noises coming from unidentified parts of your vehicle can be scary, but they don’t have to be. The trained experts at your local Gary’s automotive can get the witches and gremlins out from under your hood and get you back on the road in no time. All treat, no trick!


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