When it comes to safety, there’s no denying the importance of a quality set of brakes. Brakes are what separates your car from the car in front of you, trees, the ditch, and so on. Keeping your brake systems in check is crucial for maintaining vehicle safety, and there are a number of areas where brakes can fail. Fortunately, Gary’s Automotive happens to be Ottawa’s brake experts!

car brake repairBrake Repair – The Basics

Brakes, like some other parts of your car, are what’s known as “wear items” . This means these parts are designed to wear out, and need repairs over time. Other such parts include tires, motor oil, and wiper blades. When it comes time for expert brake repair, keep you and your loved ones safe with service from Gary’s Automotive. Our licensed mechanics use only the best parts, and are backed by over 35 years of Ottawa service.

How your brakes function can be summed up in one word: friction. Bicycles to wheel chairs, drum brakes to discs, nearly all options for stopping a spinning wheel involve friction. The method used for automobiles has remained unchanged for quite some time. A shoe or pad is pressed against a piece of metal rotating with the wheel. When the shoe or pad is pressed into the metal, it becomes harder for the wheel to turn, ultimately slowing it down.

Brakes are one of the most important features in your car when it comes to safety. Your brakes ensure that should any dangers arise when driving, you have enough time or distance when stopping. Combined with tires, brakes are what keep your car from going where it shouldn’t.

Brake repair – When Is It Time?

Unlike some other parts, your brakes are actually built to tell you when you need service. With most disc brake sets, small pieces of metal are built into the brake pads. This means that when the pad material wears out, the metal will come into contact with the rotors. This contact produces a fairly loud squeal which should not be ignored.

Aside from the brake pads wearing out (a function they are designed to do) brake lines can also become damaged. When a brake line becomes damaged, it can affect how much brake fluid gets to your calipers or wheel cylinders. A lack in brake fluid can make your brakes less effective.

If your car is telling you it’s time for expert brake repair, then book with Gary’s. Only Gary’s offers exceptional customer service combined with incredible value. Book today!


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