How To Protect Your Car From The Summer Heat

Summer Heat

There’s no doubt that summer brings uncomfortable weather, but what we often forget is the summer heat also affects our vehicles. Gary’s Automotive is here to help you learn how to protect your vehicle from the summer heat with our easy-to-follow heat protection guide.

1. Check Your Car Battery

Warm temperatures can speed up internal corrosion and the chemical operations of your car battery which reduce not only its performance but its lifespan, too. Summer heat can evaporate the internal fluids causing your battery to lose its charge much quicker and leave you stranded in 40 degree weather. The best way to prevent an unexpected breakdown on a hot summer day is to keep your battery clean and have it inspected by a mechanic regularly. If you suspect that your battery isn’t working properly and it has visible corrosion, call us and have it looked at right away.

2. Have Your Tires Inspected Regularly

When the temperature rises, the pavement on the road becomes significantly hotter causing grief to your tires. Summer heat can take a toll on tread cracks, bald spots and other areas putting you at risk to further damages or a blowout when you least expect it. Protect your tires from the summer heat by having them inspected for proper wear, tread depth and pressure during every oil change. By keeping your tires in good shape you can prevent unexpected repairs or replacement and continue to enjoy your summer.

3. Check Your Fluid Levels

Much like humans, cars need fluids to keep them cool in summer heat. This is especially true for your vehicle’s coolant. The radiator in your car is responsible for keeping your vehicle’s engine cool and depends on coolant to do so. If there is a lack of fluid in the system, chances are it will overheat and cause you some issues. To ensure your vehicle has enough coolant and vehicle fluids to keep running smoothly, book our major service package to have your vehicle inspected and topped up so you can drive knowing your car is hydrated and ready for the summer heat.

4. Keep Your Vehicle Clean

Nothing keeps you car looking better than an old fashion car wash and wax. It not only protects your paint from the sun and other elements, but it increases  the longevity of your exterior and acts as a coat of sunscreen.

5. Park Your Vehicle In The Shade

An easy way to protect your vehicle from the summer heat is to park somewhere in the shade. Not only will it keep its internal temperature down, it will also keep other components cool and away from harsh sun’s rays. Investing in a windshield shade can also do wonders and protect your interior vinyl or leather seats from getting too hot.


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