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A few weeks ago, we told you what could be triggering your check engine light. However, there are numerous other issues that can arise with owning a vehicle. Some, if not most, of these other issues don’t come with a light to indicate a problem. You already know that Gary’s is the top choice for Ottawa vehicle repairs, and with this handy guide you’ll know exactly whats wrong with your car, and when to get service!


For most major issues, there will be a light of some kind. If your engine has seized or transmission has failed then you will be alerted. If you notice your car is pulling to one side, or is noisy when cornering, there are a few issues that you may have. Knowing what these issues are, and when to get them serviced can help prolong the life of your car. Lets start with some basic problems you may notice in your vehicles handling:

Car Pulls To One Side When Braking

There are a couple of causes for this pull. The brakes, brake lines, or tire pressure can all be a factor here. Of course, Gary’s is your source for brakes and quality Ottawa vehicle repairs!

Brake calipers: Faulty or damaged brake calipers will cause uneven wear or grab in your brakes, creating a stronger stopping force in one side vs the other. A stuck caliper on the left of your vehicle will cause it to pull to the left.

Brake lines: Your calipers and rotors may be fine, but there could be an issue of the appropriate amount of brake fluid getting to them. It’s important to have your brakes lines checked regularity. Damaged brake lines will only further degrade, and it could be a matter of time before your brakes fail entirely.

Tire pressure: A symptom you’ll see more than once on this list. Low tire pressure can cause a number of issues. Having one tire with pressure lower than the others can create a pull in your vehicles driving systems.

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Car Pulls To One Side When Driving

Some of the issues above can lead to the issues below. While a pull while braking is dangerous, a pull while driving can be even more dangerous. While Gary’s can’t make new roads, we can inspect alignments.

Wheel alignment: The most obvious cause of this problem is improper wheel alignment. If you notice you have to steer your car left or right just to go straight, your wheel alignment is likely off.

Tire wear: Improper wheel alignment, or faulty brake wear can lead to uneven tire wear. While it may seem a slight bit of missing rubber cannot have that large of an effect on your vehicle, uneven tire treads can cause various performance issues.

Tire Pressure: Once again, this usual suspect can cause one side of your vehicle to sit lower, pulling it to that side.

Different roads: A little known fact, no road is built to be level. The road is actually higher along the centre than it is at the edges. This allows for proper drainage of water and other debris. Normally, an alignment will factor in this slight slope. If you’re driving on an older or dirt road, you may notice the alignment pulling, as they don’t have the same slope as most modern roads.

Wheel Alignment for Ottawa vehicle repairs

Car Is Noisy When Turning

This, depending on the noise, can be a wide variety of issues. The front end of your car is a very complex place, and has very complex systems (not too complex for the experts in Ottawa vehicle repairs).

A droning hum, similar to what you hear in old war airplanes: This is an indicator that a wheel bearing is going bad. You’ll notice this hum get louder at higher speeds. This is important to get fixed as it can lead to permanent wheel damage.

A click or crunch: Likely an issue with your CV joints. These joints allow front wheel drive systems to work, and should be inspected or replaced immediately.

A whine: If this sound seems to come from within your steering wheel itself, then it could be a problem with your power steering. You’ll know when your power steering goes, because it will become much more difficult to turn your wheels.

car bearing replacments for ottawa vehicle repairs

Car Shakes At Highway Speeds

Your car is just nervous, slow down! There are a few other issues that are good to know about too.

Snow or ice build up: It can really be as simple as snow getting stuck in some of the moving parts under your vehicle or in your wheel well. This problem can fix itself after some driving.

Bent Wheel: How straight a tire rolls is referred to as how “true” it is. A tire that isn’t true will wobble, and at high speeds cause a shake.

Wheel Balance: Tires are a big lump of rubber and steel, and getting them to roll perfectly is a fine art. An out of balance tire will create a similar wobble and shake that a bent wheel would.

bent wheel ottawa vehicle repairs

Trusted Ottawa Vehicle Repairs

There are multiple other noises and symptoms you could face in your day to day drive, but these are some of the major issues you may not have a light for. Of course, this list cannot replace the diagnosis of certified expert, but it can help to let you know whats going on with your car. As always, trust your local Gary’s Automotive for expert diagnosis and Ottawa vehicle repairs.


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