Ottawa Car Maintenance – Christmas Special!

Ottawa Car MaintenanceAt Gary’s, we’ve already covered Ottawa car maintenance advice on the sounds and symptoms your car can make. While some maintenance is best left to the pros, there is some that can be done at home. What better time of year to outfit the budding gear head in your home than the season of shopping frantically at the last minute generous giving. Here you’ll find some great tips and advice for budget friendly items they wouldn’t mind unwrapping this year!



Ottawa Car Maintenance – For The Outside

The outside of your car will suffer the most over winter. Stop the people inside from suffering the long gray season with some of these great gifts:

Sice scrapertar Wars Wampa Ice Scraper – The odds of surviving a frozen wasteland are 725 to 1. Or so we’ve been told. This is more than just a novelty, the attached ice scraper can clean your windshield in no time, and the luxurious Wampa fur keeps your hand warm on the coldest of days. Don’t worry, no Wampas were harmed in the making of this product.

Battery Booster Pack – While more for the overall car than just the outside, a battery booster pack is handy to have in your car, regardless of season. A battery pack also allows you to boost other stranded drivers without the risk of shorting your own vehicle. If you’re using this every other morning, you should probably book some Ottawa car maintenance!

Heated Wiper Blades – If you’d rather not stick a big furry glove on your hand and wade out into 40 below to scrape ice, then there are alternatives. While not the most wallet friendly, the name says it all. HEATED. WIPER. BLADES. No more Spanish tango snapping the ice off your blades on the 417. You can almost get your Ottawa car maintenance done while you drive with these!

A Car Wash – We’ve covered the importance of keeping your car clean in the winter. An easy way to prevent future Ottawa car maintenance is to keep the salt and dirt off of your vehicle. A car wash is a simple stocking stuffer that can have a pretty big impact. Not to mention, its a lot better than standing in your driveway with a sponge and bucket during an ice storm.

Ottawa Car Maintenance – For The Inside

The outside of your car will be exposed to the harshest elements, but the inside is where you’ll spending most of your time. Keep that in mind when shopping! We recommend these gifts to save on Ottawa car maintenance:

Deluxe Floor Mats – Ottawa is no stranger to salt and ice. A good set of floor mats for your car can help to prevent salt stains and buildup in your car. Our Ottawa car maintenance pros suggest using weathertech floor mats. While they may be more expensive than generic floor mats, the custom fit they offer protects better than most other floor mats available.

winter multi toolSnow-Specific Multi-tool – Perhaps a bit extreme, but a multi-tool shovel like this can help someone get out of an icy jam while out on the road. Sometimes all that’s needed is to dig out some snow or ice and with a handy tool like this, your loved ones can be back on the road in no time.

Heated Seat Cover – You may love your GEO like a Bentley, but that doesn’t make it one. At least as far as deluxe heated seats are concerned. A heated seat cover can make a morning commute so much more enjoyable over the winter. Putting one on a passenger seat can also help keep take-out warm on a drive home!

While there are plenty more gift ideas for Ottawa car maintenance nothing replaces real, professional service. These are a few simple gift ideas, but we’d love to hear yours! Share your ideas in the comments below!

On behalf of everyone at Gary’s Automotive, we wish you a fun filled, safe holiday season!


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