Movie Cars: The Rocker, The Roller, The Out Of Controller!

Movie Cars

The folks at Gary’s Automotive will keep your car working much better than salvaged cars of a dystopian wasteland. That doesn’t mean these cars aren’t interesting. Here we take a look at a classic car chase movie series.  With a new installment due out next year, it’s not too late to customize your car (we do recommend leaving off any flame throwers or large spikes however). The Mad Max series spiced up the car chase genre and changed the face of it forever. Of course, the film featured some incredibly modified movie cars.

1979 was a big year for motion picture releases. Christopher Reeve first donned the red tights in Superman, Ridley Scott gave us a new fear in Alien, and the first Star Trek film was released. Perhaps most notably, Apocalypse Now hit theatres starring a legendary cast and is still a top contender for “best film of all time”.  In the midst of all these masterpieces, a cult classic power house was quietly released not from Hollywood, but from Australia.

It brought with it a large assortment of “movie cars”. Movie cars dazzle us while on screen, but taking one to the street is probably not the smartest idea. Mad Max starred a relatively unknown lead, a man by the name of Mel Gibson. The film had a budget of only $400,000 and went on to gross nearly $100,000,000 worldwide. The success of Mad Max spawned two sequels, The Road Warrior and Mad Max: Beyond The Thunderdome. A fourth film, Mad Max: Fury Road, is expected to arrive in May 2015. Tom Hardy (Bronson, Inception, The Dark Knight Rises) will  be taking the role of Max.

Movie Cars

1973 Ford Falcon “Pursuit Special”

Mad Max is in essence a car chase. There are other elements that create the story, but none work quite as well without the roar of engines tearing up the dystopian wasteland. The series spawned some iconic vehicles. The most notable is Max’s black Pursuit Special, which is based on a 1973 Ford Falcon (a car exclusive to Australia). The modern Ford Falcon remains Australia’s top selling vehicle. In all, the film totaled 14 of these vehicles, all filmed in one take.

Movie Cars

Humungous’ Truck

The Road Warrior takes place after the events of Mad Max, and paints a picture of a world where amongst other apocalyptic events, gas supplies are nearly depleted. The film plays out as another car chase, allowing wasteland settlers to receive crucial supplies of gasoline. This film also created some memorable vehicles. A modified Ford F-150 was featured frequently in the film, belonging to the character “Humungous”. The Pursuit Special could be taken out, but don’t expect to drive this one on the street.

The Final film in the series, Beyond The Thunderdome, Was arguably the most memorable in the series. It featured the classic “Two man enter, one man leave” and has been parodied numerous times by shows like The Simpsons and Futurama. This movie also depicts a future not too far off from our own. In Bartertown (the metropolitan centre of the apocalyptic wasteland) vehicles and machinery run on Methane generated from pig waste. In current times, natural gas vehicles are gaining traction as alternatives to fossil fuel powered engines that are more affordable than electric cars.

Movie Cars

Fury Road – 2015

The upcoming installment, Mad Max: Fury Road has director George Miller returning nearly 30 years after the release of Beyond The Thunderdome. The film is planned to be a nearly continuous car chase, and to have a strong focus on visual imagery rather than dialogue. Miller, on production: “I want the film to be understood in Japan without subtitles” The film also looks to deliver even more legendary movie cars for us to see in action, with this installment promising to be the most vehicle oriented, action filled film in the series yet.

Brush up on your apocalyptic vehicles, intense chases and other dystopian auto action before May 2015 when Fury Road hits theatres.

If you feel like your car is driving through a desert (or frozen) wasteland while you’re out getting groceries, it may be time to book a service appointment. Keep your car on the path to Bartertown with the experts at Gary’s Automotive.

Gearing up for the big chase? Let us know what your favorite movie car is!


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