Electric Car Repair

When Ford announced they would be changing their F-Series trucks to use aluminium bodies, people were told the price of service would increase. Partially due to aluminium being a pricier material, but also due to the fact that mechanics simply weren’t yet trained on dealing with aluminium. Now that electric cars are gaining more traction than ever before, people are starting to wonder the same thing. Will switching to an electric car repair be more expensive, since experts in repairs are fewer?

Electric Car Repair – The Future Of Service

In theory, repairs to electric cars should only be cheaper, as they should happen much less often.  The biggest factor determining this is how many moving parts each type of vehicle uses. In a traditional vehicle, there can be hundreds of moving parts working together to drive the vehicle forward. In an electric vehicle, there are often fewer than 50 moving parts. Some reports have the Model S as having less than 20 moving parts. Fewer moving parts means fewer options to wear out.

Electric Car RepairThat doesn’t mean that an electric car is free from repairs. while the system that makes the car go forward is free from moving parts, other areas of the vehicle, like AC and suspension, still exist. Having an electric drivetrain does not mean that these systems are suddenly impervious to damages that other vehicles can endure.

This also doesn’t mean you’ll need to be an electrical engineer to repair your electric car. While the motor is much less complicated on an electric vehicle, the other areas that resemble traditional cars will still be repaired the same way as current model cars. A strut mount is still a strut mount, even on electric cars.

Areas where drivers will eventually run into trouble is with brakes. Modern electric vehicles use regenerative braking to capture the power lost to braking and re-route it back to the battery. This system uses a combination of traditional brakes as well as energy recovery systems. While most people already know how to handle issues with their brakes, this new level of complexity and skill will require DIYer’s to seek out professional help for their service.

In time, as with any new type of service, the cost of getting skilled help will decrease. Ford has already created plans to decrease the cost of servicing their aluminium trucks as time goes on and more experts are trained. The same will likely be the case for electric vehicles. In time, we’ll see the cost of repairing these vehicles decrease to a more acceptable level. People may even figure out easy ways to do their own electric vehicle repairs at home.

The electric vehicle will certainly mean less repairs. As we move forward, Gary’s looks forward to becoming your source for all repairs!


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