DIY Headlight Restoration

DIY Headlight Restoration

Over time, elements like UV rays and inclement weather conditions can deteriorate the quality and clarity of our vehicle’s headlights. What was once a bright and clear light has now become a foggy and yellowed mask that creates a dim glow and unappealing look to your car.  There are several benefits to restoring your headlights back to their original state which not only includes better nighttime vision, but also an instant revival to the appearance of your ride.

We’re here to provide you with an easy guide to DIY headlight restoration so you can not only feel good about your ride, but see better too.

DIY Headlight Restoration Steps:

    1. Prepare your headlights for restoration by wiping them down with soap and water or glass cleaner removing any dirt or grime. Do this until the surface is clean.
    2. Take the larger-grit sandpaper and wet it down with water. It may be helpful to wet down the surface of the headlight as well by using a spray bottle. Sand in a single direction, keeping the surface wet at all times.
    3. Take your finer sandpaper and repeat the process and again with the finest grit sandpaper. It’s important to take your time and be thorough.
    4. When the sanding is complete, the yellow and hazy layer should be removed and a dull surface will be left over. Using a fine polish will restore the lenses and remove and scratches or scuffs made from the sanding.
    5. Finally apply a UV sealant to protect your lenses. The sanding process removes the existing protection that’s on the lens and it become foggy and yellow again without reapplying a sealant.

Cleaning Time:

30 minutes or less

DIY Headlight Restoration Materials:

    • soapy water
    • non-soapy water
    • microfiber cloths
    • painter’s tape
    • 400, 600 & 2000-grit sandpaper (or similar variations)
    • UV sealant of your choice

DIY Headlight Restoration

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