What Effects Does Construction Have On Your Vehicle?


Road Construction

Summertime in Ottawa is known best for the endless amount of road construction. In fact, there are currently over 100 road work projects active in the city this summer. From potholes to stop and go traffic, there is definitely no shortage of work on Ottawa roadways. Though construction can create delays and driver frustration, it can also impact your vehicle. From shocks and strut repair to brake replacement, our automotive specialists are experts in diagnosing the biggest issues road construction can cause to your vehicle. Gary’s Automotive has the top five issues to look out for.

1. Squeaky Brakes

Frequent braking and sudden stopping in slow-moving traffic can take a toll on your brake pads and rotors. Not only can dust and debris from construction sites build up on your braking system, it can cause an awful squealing noise when you apply pressure to the brakes.  If you encounter this issue you can attempt to fix it yourself, however it is recommended that you have your brakes inspected by one of our specialist should the issue persist. Squeaky brakes could mean that they’re worn out and won’t allow you to stop properly.


2. Slow-Stopping Brakes

In addition to noisy brakes you may also experience a decline in braking precision. Often times we quickly push on the brakes to dodge a pothole or decrease the impact of an unexpected bump in the road and the frequent pressure and use of your brakes can cause quicker brake wear than usual. It’s important to have your brakes inspected on a regular basis to ensure you stay safe on the road and aren’t a risk to other drivers around you. This is especially true when construction crews are on roadways.


3. Damaged Suspension Components

Most drivers have encountered a pothole on their regular commute. You’re driving down the road when suddenly your vehicle crashes into a hole causing an alarming bang and nervous feeling in your gut. If you hit enough potholes it can seriously damage your shocks and struts that can leave your vehicle at risk of an unexpected break-down. If you notice that you have a bumpier ride than usual and your vehicle isn’t absorbing the movement of going over bumps and ruts in the road, you should have your suspension inspected immediately before your vehicle is damaged even more.


4. Uneven Tire Wear

Not only does a damaged suspension system have an effect on the comfort of your ride, it can have an impact on your tires as well. Proper suspension movement keeps your tires in contact with the road. If your shocks aren’t doing their job right, it can cause your tires to lift off the ground or move around on uneven roadways and pavement causing uneven tire wear. If neglected long enough you can experience a tire blowout, poor mileage and end up having to replace all four tires which can be a costly repair. Keep on top of your tire pressure and tread wear to ensue your vehicle is in safe contact with the road at all times.


5. Bad Alignment

If brake issues, poor suspension performance and bad tires weren’t enough, road construction can also lead to bad alignment. Hitting potholes and driving on uneven terrain can especially have an impact on this. If you hit a pothole hard enough it can cause you axles or rims to bend or brake leaving your vehicle unaligned and at risk of further damages.  If you notice your vehicle pulling to one side or your wheels are starting to wear, a wheel alignment can help alleviate the damages and impacts of road construction.


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