The Glory That Is IIHS Crash Videos

IIHS Crash Tests

Car accidents are bad. They are also beautiful. While we all take precautions and steps to ensure we never get into an accident, there is a certain morbid curiosity that comes with car accidents. Not with seeing people be injured, but in seeing the engineering and science that goes into making a 2500 pound chunk of steel survive slamming into a wall at 60 km/h.

Thankfully, we don’t have to subject our own vehicles to this testing. The IIHS, or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, regularly uploads new videos to their youtube channel. These videos show many types of modern vehicles being subjected to various crashes and accidents. If you haven’t already checked out these videos, we highly recommend them. The use of crash test dummies, multiple camera angles, and HD slow motion video makes for some really interesting content. We’ve gathered some of our favourite IIHS crash videos here!

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2015 Ottawa Auto Show Top Picks

Overview of the Auto ShowLooking At Consumer Cars

The last few days have been a real treat , as Ottawa has played host to a number of incredible vehicles across multiple platforms. From everyday sedans to high performance supercars, there was something for everyone at the 2015 Ottawa Auto Show. For many, the highlights were of course vehicles like the Lamborghini Huracan or the Tesla Model S. The 2015 Ottawa auto show is unique because in addition to super cars, there are plenty of everyday cars and dealers in attendance. While we can all dream of owning an exotic sports car, we need something to get us around on a day to day basis. Gary’s is here with your top picks for new vehicles in 2015! (Note: many vehicles mentioned will be the 2016 models due to the way vehicle model years are released)

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ASIMO products you didn't know car companies madeRight now, the automotive world is buzzing with rumours of a possible Apple car. Apple certainly has the funds and the power to create a vehicle, but many people are dismissing the idea. Why? Apple has no business making cars, they make phones. What many people don’t realize is that cars often come second in the manufacturing process. There is a wide range of products you didn’t know car companies made, stretching back hundreds of years. Here we’ll list some popular manufacturers, and give you a glimpse into the world of products you didn’t know car companies made.

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Automotive World RecordsThe last two episodes of Gary’s Automotive car facts have been focused on learning important facts when it comes to vehicle service and knowledge. While learning the technical aspects of cars is important, sometimes vehicles specs are part of a bigger picture. This week, we’ll take a look at some automotive world records, and the stories behind them.

Automotive world records don’t necessarily add up like one would expect. The largest producer is China, the most popular model is Japanese or American, but the first car was German. Lets start by looking at some basic vehicle facts:

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Car Facts Episode 1 – Learning Car Engines

Learning car engines subaru bayThere are some people out there who can simply hear an engine rev and tell you the make, model, and even year of the car producing that sound. While you may have some knowledge of vehicles, chances are if you’re reading a garage’s blog, you might not have the same knowledge as some gearheads out there. That’s not a bad thing! Gary’s is here not only for expert service, but for quality help as well. Here we’ll take a look at the common ways people talk about learning car engines, and how you can use these terms in your day to day life.


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Ottawa Gas Prices – Why Are They So Low?

Ottawa Gas PricesSomething strange has been happening at GM car lots across the North America. Something we all thought we would never see again. It defies all logic, we know its wrong but yet here it is, happening across North America…

People are requesting, and even buying, Hummers.

Gas prices in Ottawa recently dropped below $1/L, prompting anyone looking at a new vehicle to no longer second guess a large SUV or truck. Why have Ottawa gas prices dropped so low? Here we’ll take a simple look at the two major factors that have gone in to lower prices at the pump, and why maybe you should put off buying that Hummer.

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Movie Cars: The Rocker, The Roller, The Out Of Controller!

Movie Cars

The folks at Gary’s Automotive will keep your car working much better than salvaged cars of a dystopian wasteland. That doesn’t mean these cars aren’t interesting. Here we take a look at a classic car chase movie series.  With a new installment due out next year, it’s not too late to customize your car (we do recommend leaving off any flame throwers or large spikes however). The Mad Max series spiced up the car chase genre and changed the face of it forever. Of course, the film featured some incredibly modified movie cars.

1979 was a big year for motion picture releases. Christopher Reeve first donned the red tights in Superman, Ridley Scott gave us a new fear in Alien, and the first Star Trek film was released. Perhaps most notably, Apocalypse Now hit theatres starring a legendary cast and is still a top contender for “best film of all time”.  In the midst of all these masterpieces, a cult classic power house was quietly released not from Hollywood, but from Australia.

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Extinct Cars – Dinocarus Rex Is On The Loose

Extinct CarsDriving With Dinosaurs

Several of us have felt the envy of pulling up to a stoplight in our little commuter only to have something like a Porsche or Ferrari come up beside us and leave us in the dust. Yet we seldom give a second glace to an Oldsmobile Alero or a Pontiac Vibe as they drive by. In our commute we wouldn’t be surprised to see a hawk, yet we would be surprised to see a velociraptor. We should delight at the chance to see some of these extinct cars in action!


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