How do you know it’s time for Brake Repair?


Having a perfectly functional braking system is not only essential for optimum performance but also for your safety as well. By regularly checking your brakes you avoid unnecessary circumstances that will not arise by simply doing routine checkup and following these steps;


  • Timely check your brake pads for wear and tear, if your brake pads are anywhere less than a quarter inch you should look for a replacement
  • When you hear squealing noise while breaking, that is also because your brake pads are worn out and now the metal pieces are rubbing against the brake rotors.
  • If you notice that your vehicle is pulling to one side, this can be an alignment issue but also keep in mind that when your brake calipers are not fully released they result in generating more force on that wheel hence pulling your vehicle to one side.
  • One more thing that should not be ignored is if there is a sighting of any liquid which is yellow in color, usually brake system leaks release a yellow colored liquid and this can lead to a complete loss of your braking system.


We all love our cars and we never want to be in a situation where we cannot drive them even after having one. Arguably brakes are one of the most important element in keeping your car on the road, so you should not take any issue related to your vehicle braking system lightly. If you think your car is in need of brake repair take your car to a service center and consult with a professional mechanic. Make sure you get quality replacement parts for peace of mind, longer brake life and maximum performance.


Gary’s Automotive has over 36 years of brake repair experience. We offer competitive service pricing to give our customers great saving on brake repairs. Try out one of our four convenient locations today for your brake repair needs.

Spooky Car Noises

When you’re driving your car and you hear an unfamiliar sound, it can get scary. Unfamiliar car noises can mean big, expensive repairs. Don’t let your car scare you, Gary’s is here with helpful tricks and treats for getting to the bottom of what could be haunting your car! If you notice any of the following ghouls taking up residence in your car, then it might be time to book service with the experts!

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The Glory That Is IIHS Crash Videos

IIHS Crash Tests

Car accidents are bad. They are also beautiful. While we all take precautions and steps to ensure we never get into an accident, there is a certain morbid curiosity that comes with car accidents. Not with seeing people be injured, but in seeing the engineering and science that goes into making a 2500 pound chunk of steel survive slamming into a wall at 60 km/h.

Thankfully, we don’t have to subject our own vehicles to this testing. The IIHS, or the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, regularly uploads new videos to their youtube channel. These videos show many types of modern vehicles being subjected to various crashes and accidents. If you haven’t already checked out these videos, we highly recommend them. The use of crash test dummies, multiple camera angles, and HD slow motion video makes for some really interesting content. We’ve gathered some of our favourite IIHS crash videos here!

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Fighting A Traffic Ticket

dealing with a traffic ticketWhile we don’t doubt that all the drivers reading the Gary’s Automotive blog are skilled experts, there will come a time when you slip up, and someone will notice. Getting a traffic ticket can be a huge burden, both to your finances and to your record. Gary’s Automotive is here to help ensure that you are armed with the knowledge it takes to get through the process of a fighting traffic ticket, either by challenging it or by paying it.

Fight or Flight

If you choose to simply pay your ticket, then the process will be explained to you. Many people think that paying a simple traffic ticket is the more responsible choice, since it keeps the already over worked court systems free from dealing with minor charges, and it allows you to take responsibility for your actions. This may be the case, but some would also argue that many infractions and fines are simply put in place to be a revenue stream for the Government. In many cases, the most common piece of advice is to fight the ticket no matter what. There are a number of ways this is possible. Gary’s is here to help you separate fact from fiction in order to help you know your rights as a citizen.

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Celebrities That Look Like Cars

celeb carWhen the movie Cars came out in 2006 it had a major error. An error that literally made the events of the Back To The Future trilogy more believable than any plot contained in Cars. What was it that the geniuses at Pixar overlooked?


Alas, we’ve managed to get the pitchforks put away, and the great “windshield eyes” riots have finally calmed down. The all-star cast of Cars made me think of what other celebrities could appear in the films no doubt 15 series run, so I’ve compiled a quick list of celebrities that look like cars.

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Top Automotive Upgrades

Multi-ExhaustWhen you own a car, you want it to perform it’s very best. Gary’s is here to help provide regular service and repairs on your vehicle, but also to provide helpful mechanic advice on the top automotive upgrades for your car. If you’re looking to get the most out of your vehicle, then you’ve come to the right place!

Upgrading Your Engine

If you want to really get the most out of upgrades, you’ll have to start with the engine. There are a number of ways to really get the most out of what’s under your hood, starting with increasing the power:

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ASIMO products you didn't know car companies madeRight now, the automotive world is buzzing with rumours of a possible Apple car. Apple certainly has the funds and the power to create a vehicle, but many people are dismissing the idea. Why? Apple has no business making cars, they make phones. What many people don’t realize is that cars often come second in the manufacturing process. There is a wide range of products you didn’t know car companies made, stretching back hundreds of years. Here we’ll list some popular manufacturers, and give you a glimpse into the world of products you didn’t know car companies made.

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