Stick To Your Car Resolutions!

car resolutions 2015Sticking To Your Car Resolutions?

Every year, people around the world gather to count down the start of a new year. With that, people vow to make big, often jarring, lifestyle changes for the better. Things like getting into better shape, eating healthier, or saving money are consistently at the top of peoples lists. For most people the first two weeks of January are their healthiest weeks of the year. Now that the month is coming to an end, many people have abandoned their new routines and sunk back into old habits. While Gary’s Automotive can’t help you put down the pizza and go for a run, we can help you stick to any car resolutions you may have, such as saving money, becoming more informed, or becoming a better driver.

My New Years Car Resolutions – I Want To Save Money

If you’re looking to save money this year, then start by spending some. That will sound incredibly counter intuitive, but its actually quite simple. Lets look at the cost of an oil change. Depending on whether you choose synthetic or traditional oil and the amount used, oil changes will cost you anywhere from $40 to $90. While you may rationalize that as a phone bill or a night out, the alternative can be catastrophic. An engine that doesn’t get enough oil or uses oil that is contaminated can cause an engine seizure. This means all the moving parts have fused or melted together, and will no longer function. When this happens the engine cannot be repaired, it must be replaced. The bill for replacing an engine can cost upwards of $10,000. In perspective, $10,000 is the total amount spent on a $40 phone bill…over a time frame of over 21 years. The best way to save money on vehicle repairs is to pay for maintenance, not repairs. Having your car inspected and serviced regularly can save you thousands. Not just in repairs, but in keeping your car longer, getting better fuel economy, and having a safer vehicle.

My New Years Car Resolutions – I Want To Be A Better Driver

Many of us have had the experience of dealing with bad drivers on the road. However, we often find it difficult to admit when WE are the bad drivers. So where do we start? When out on the road, we tend to think of everything in relation to ourselves. That bus is slowing ME down, that person is driving too close to ME, or this car just cut ME off are all common complaints from drivers. There is an easy solution for this. Traffic is a living, constantly changing force that you are a part of, traffic doesn’t exist to serve only you. Taking a deep breath before driving and practicing patience can help prevent you from making any mistakes. It shouldn’t need to be said that driving while distracted makes you a bad driver. That doesn’t just mean calling or texting, but also eating, playing with your radio, or any other situation where you hands aren’t on the wheel and your eyes aren’t on the road.

A few other tips to stick to your car resolutions:

– When coming to a 4 way stop, whoever arrives first has the right of way. If two or more vehicles arrive at the same time, the driver on the left yields right of way to the drivers on the right.
– Speed limits are the maximum speed that can be traveled before a ticket may be issued. However, driving too slowly or impeding traffic can also result in a ticket. Mind your surroundings and drive appropriately.
– Never drive with 4 way or hazard lights flashing. These are for use when the vehicle is parked.
– Riding the brakes not only creates a dangerous situation, it also promotes premature wear on your brake systems. Taking your foot off the accelerator earlier and coasting to a stop (with minimal brake usage) is a safe and economical way to navigate traffic.
– Mind not just your own, but others blind spots as well. Don’t drive in another vehicles blind spot. If you have pulled out to pass a vehicle, do so promptly. Driving side by side in the fast and slow lanes is frustrating for other drivers on the road.
– Angle your side mirrors to show your blind spot, not the edge of your car. Hopefully, you should already be aware of where the side of your car is, as you are driving it.
– When turning from a multi-lane road onto another multi-lane road, you stay in the lane you were in. For example, if you pull up to a stop light in the left driving lane and are making a left turn, you turn into the left lane.

and of course:

– Yes, wear your seat belt.
– Never drink and drive. This is something that sounds silly to even say, since there surely can’t be anyone out still dumb enough to do this in 2015, right?

If your car resolutions involve becoming a more skilled driver you also have some options. Most Formula 1 drivers got their starts in go-karting, and Ottawa is lucky to have many different facilities for go-karting. Just outside of Ottawa is the Calabogie Motorsports Park, a state of the art track that offers open track days and other events for aspiring racers.

car resolutions dog drivingKeep Up Those Car Resolutions!

Regardless of what you eat or how often you exercise, driving is something you do every day. How you do it can have a direct outcome on your safety and the safety of others. Keeping that in mind, if you made a commitment to take better car of your car or to become a better driver, then consider this your reminder to stick with it. Gary’s Automotive is here to help you with saving money on repairs and service, the driving is up to you. Don’t forget to stick to those car resolutions!



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