Car Care Month | Why Car Care Is Important

Car Care Month


Not only does the month of May signify  the hopeful beginning of spring, it’s also National Car Care Month. Vehicle maintenance is just as important as regularly visiting your dentist. It’s important to maintain a good bill of health so you can not only take preventative measures, but help your vehicle live a long and healthy life. When it comes to having a safe and smooth ride you can depend on Gary’s Automotive as your source for the best car care tips to keep your vehicle on the road. Over the next few weeks we’ll be sharing essential tips and tricks on how to keep your vehicle fit and running safely.


Why Regular Car Care Is Important

Having your vehicle regularly serviced is not only an important responsibility all vehicle owners have, it’s a proactive way to ensure you don’t run into any preventable issues in the future. On all Ontario roadways, police officers and the Ministry of Transportation have the right to inspect your vehicle’s condition at any given time. If they find the vehicle is unsafe you can face a hefty fine or be prevented from driving until the issues are fixed.

Not only do vehicle owners have a legal obligation to ensure their cars are running safely, keeping up with regular check ups increases overall efficiency giving you the benefits of better gas mileage and a cleaner running car.


Car Care Habits You Should Start

Before getting into your vehicle, make it a habit to check for the following:

  • exterior damages (scratches, chips, dents)
  • fluid leaks underneath your vehicle
  • under-inflated or flat tires
  • dirt or other natural elements that may prevent you from seeing safely or decrease the light from your vehicle lights

While you’re driving be alert for:

If you’re experiencing anything out of the ordinary with your vehicle, a quick call to your mechanic can give you an idea of what kind of issue you may be dealing with and its severity. The majority of the time it’s the safest to have your vehicle inspected for quality and safety which can easily be done at any of Gary’s Automotive five Ottawa locations.

Stay tuned for more car care tips throughout the month of May here on our blog and our social channels on Twitter and Facebook.


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