Back-To-School Maintenance Tips

back-to-school maintenance

Students from around the city are heading back to school soon which means there will be a lot more school buses and traffic on the road. As parents and students busily get ready for the new school year, it’s likely vehicle maintenance is not at the top of the to-do list.

Car care is often overlooked when getting ready for a new school year which is why we’ve rounded up five back-to-school maintenance tips to help you prepare.

  1. Check all fluid levels in your vehicle to ensure they’re topped off and not leaking. Checking your owner’s manual will help determine where the engine oil, coolant, and brake and power steering fluids are. If you notice a leak, call us right away to determine the issue, especially if you notice any of these colours.
  2. Before September rolls around, visit your local Gary’s Automotive garage for a free brake inspection. With school buses and children on the roads, your braking system is more important than ever. A worn out brake pad or corroded rotor can prevent you from stopping when you need to the most.
  3. Have your battery tested by on of our charging system specialists to ensure it’s performing well. The battery is responsible for running several components of your vehicle including the radio, headlights and alternator. The last thing you need is a break down on the first day of school.
  4. Check all four tires for uneven tire wear, bulges or any other hazards. After a hot summer on the road, your tires may be in need of some minor repairs. Another thing to check for is the tire pressure to ensure they’re not over or under inflated which can cause excessive wear and issues down the road.
  5. If you’ve checked the major components of your vehicle for wear, leaks and other hazards but feel uncertain about the health of your ride our major service package includes all of the above and more to get you on the road to a safe and worry-free school year. Book your appointment today!


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