7 Reasons Why Canadian Driving Is The Best In The World

Canada DayFrom log cabins built by beavers and free healthcare, to strong beer mixed with maple syrup, everyday is a great day to be Canadian. On July 1st, 1867 Queen Elizabeth herself came to Canada, and was greeted by lumberjacks riding on moose serving poutine. After being serenaded by Rush, we were immediately declared a sovereign nation and promptly apologized to The Queen for leaving. Ever since then, this great nation of ours has grown into a world superpower of kindness and peace. This great country of ours is also blessed in that we are the second largest country on earth. All that space means a lot of driving, and Canada certainly is a great place to see by car.

7 Reasons Why Canadian Driving Is The Best In The World

Take a look around, and you’ll quickly see why. Many people claim that the American Interstate System is a modern wonder of the world, but on this day it’s important to remember that we went to war with them once and they lost, so who cares. CANADA #1!


ice drifting6 Months Of Free Tokyo Drift Every Year: In other countries, you’d need to invest in a hot tuner car, modded up to take corners sideways, in order to experience the thrill of drift racing. In Canada, something as simple as backing out of your driveway quickly turns into a drifting competition come the winter months. Even with our roads carefully seasoned with a pinch of salt, winter driving lets drivers of all types experience the thrill of getting sideways, backwards, upside down, right side up, upside down again, and hopefully back right side up.

Enhanced Active Weight Reduction: Everyone knows that the secret to speed lies in a vehicles power to weight ratio. Why invest in expensive carbon fiber when Canadian roads can help reduce the weight of your vehicle naturally? If you avoid washing your vehicle all winter, a layer of lightweight, vintage style paint will form on parts of your vehicle. This paint eats through metal and removes it, making your vehicle lighter. Lets see fancy carbon fiber do that!

giant potholeFree Suspension Assessments: Curious as to how much travel your suspension has? Take a trip down a Canadian road in the spring for a free assessment. In a matter of minutes, your suspension will be pushed up and down so much it may just shoot right through your vehicle and achieve low level orbit. Thankfully, we have the Canadarm up in space to catch any wayward bits of suspension.

Slow Cooker Meal Options: Finding time to cook a healthy lunch can be difficult, but thanks to things like Canada’s food guide, we know that leaving a burrito on your dash while you’re at work is an easy way to enjoy a tasty, fully cooked meal come lunchtime. Feel like dessert? Leave some balls of cookie dough on your dash and enjoy a homemade treat on the drive home, just like mom used to make!

Self Applying Two Tone Paint: Jealous of all those supercar drivers and their two tone paint? Don’t be! No matter what color your vehicle is, getting a matching applique of “insect green” is easy! Simply drive your vehicle down a rural Canadian road in the summer, and enjoy the arts as you get front row seats to the paint being applied to your vehicle. The paint also has a unique texture that closely resembles dead bugs, but don’t be fooled, this high quality two toning makes a Ferrari look like a wheelbarrow.

Autonomous Speed Reduction: If you hate going too fast in a vehicle then you’re in luck. Over the summer months it will be hard to find a road that doesn’t have some sort of improvements taking place, meaning you’ll quickly have more time to spend avoiding conversation on your phone bonding with your passengers! If you’re stuck in construction or traffic, it’s a good time to check in on that dashboard burrito, making sure to flip it every few hours for a nice even temperature throughout.

tim hortonStrong Patriotism: Canada’s first President, Tim Horton, has many small museums along busy roadways and in towns and cities across the country. No other country has drive-thru access to a part of their national heritage the way we Canadians do. On a long road trip, it’s not uncommon to see Canadians making three or four stops to reflect on where they came from and where they are going, often by typing where they are going into their GPS, at one of these locations.

Driving Anywhere Else – Why Settle For Second Place?

Today Canada marks 148 years since becoming a country, founded when our Queen was in her 30’s. We’re proud of our heritage, and of our place on the world’s stage. As you can tell, we’re well aware of our sense of humor and ability to take on any situation. We want to wish everyone here in the Nations Capital and across the country a very safe and entertaining Canada Day!



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